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“sprache & kultur”, which is German for language and culture, is a symbiosis: one cannot exist without the other. Language is the main tool used to share everyday knowledge, which is why not being able to speak it makes it impossible to acquire specific knowledge and to use it to your own and everybody else’s advantage in our modern society.

At sprache & kultur, we have made individuality a priority. We know about the needs of the people we work with on a daily basis. Our classes take place in small groups to ensure that each participant receives the support they need.

Since our teaching and learning system is based on modules, our customers have the possibility to create their own learning plan. You can start at any time and participate in different courses at once. Private lessons can be combined with group lessons which give you the opportunity to work on your grammar, your vocabulary and your conversation skills in mixed groups.

We guarantee that our customers learn as quickly and successfully as possible and enjoy high-quality education because we take the time to consult with them and then adjust our teaching and learning contents to meet our customers’ expectations.

sprache & kultur - The individual language institute in Graz - learning German

At sprache & kultur, each course participant can receive consultation free of charge.

sprache & kultur - the individual language institute in Graz - language courses


We have developed the ideal learning system for our customers. You can get started at any time.

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sprache & kultur - the individual language institute in Graz - examinations


sprache & kultur will accompany on your way to the German examination. sprache & kultur is a …

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sprache & kultur - the individual language institute in Graz - workshops


Sprachen kann man besser verstehen, wenn man sich gleichzeitig für die Kultur und die Gesellschaft …

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