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Since our founding in 2010, individuality has been a top priority at sprache & kultur.

We understand exactly what the people we work with need every day. Our courses take place in small groups to ensure that we can give each participant the attention they need.

Thanks to our flexible module system, our customers have the freedom to design their own learning plan. We take into account the individual learning styles, interests and pace of each learner. We use modern didactic approaches and interactive learning materials to make lessons lively and effective.

We also offer free consultations with our experienced trainers. You can join and take part in our courses at any time, as can taking several courses at the same time. The combination of group and individual lessons makes it possible to improve conversation skills, vocabulary and grammar in a variety of group settings.

Die Leiterin der Sprachschule im Gespräch mit Mitarbeiterin in Graz

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Meet our team, a group of language enthusiasts who bring their passion for language into their lessons. With diverse backgrounds and experiences, our teachers bring a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to classrooms.

Portrait Gabriele Cloos

Gabriele Cloos

Managing Director

Portrait Asif Khan

Asif Khan

Assistance & Consultancy

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