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Language tests and exam preparation in Graz

At “sprache & kultur” in Graz, we understand that acquiring an official language certificate can be an important step on your path to linguistic mastery. That’s why we offer a variety of language tests in Graz that are tailored to your needs and goals.

We offer special block events that specifically prepare you for your language exams. The modules can be booked and combined at all levels.

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Overview of the exams

With our recognized language exams you can open up new horizons. We offer a wide spectrum, ranging from basic ÖIF integration tests to international standards and special tests.

ÖIF integration exams A2, B1 and B2

International exams

Special exams

Exam dates


Mai, 2024

ÖIF Integrationsprüfung A2


Mai, 2024

ÖIF Integrationsprüfung B1


Jun, 2024

ÖSD B2 Prüfung

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